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This site sometimes serves as my diary.
This contains anything under the sun -school matters and random things about KPOP :P
I am a Filpino.
I Love SJ, FT ISLAND, BIGBANG, CNBLUE, MBLAQ & SHINEE; JGS, NMW, 7 & PTJ. I also like Trax, F(x), Infinite, Beast, U-Kiss, 2AM, 2NE1, Teen Top, One Way, Co.Ed. School, ZE:A & etc. ლ(❛◡❛ლ)
This is the place where I say comments so that those who are not interested in my post will not be disturbed~
I'm not that good in English.
I am lazy..
I just post whenever and whatever I like.. so expect randomness xD
plus.. i don't own all of them~ 。◕‿◕。
Nowadays, I reblog a lot! XD
In short, this is where rants, raves, and everything in between is written and posted.
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I am going through the 7 fucking stages of griefs from a character that I have only known about for 2 episodes

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SIwon, Kyu and Hyuk in Manila

Pardon the KPop post which is kind of unlikely for my blog. LOL. not!
So I was talking my usual morning stroll in Eastwood when I saw a huge crowd of screaming girls. K FINE! you got me. ha ha. I rushed down the minute I heard Siwon, Kyu and Hyuk were here. I just know Siwon btw. For a person who doesn’t go out unless well-dressed after a good shower, boy, this must be really something. Having a knack for everything Korean, why not see them, right? They’re just down there anyway.
It’s obviously not Penshoppe ‘cause I didn’t see any logo at all! Anyway, Im not a super fan of Super Junior but I listen to their songs and know the steps to Sorry, Sorry (uhmmm, Randz?). That’s a description of a fan ba? Well, Im not!!! I just went down as a favor to a friend. LOL! :D
Here are some of the pictures! My zooming capability failed me but they’re pretty decent! They were dancing to a song so i guess it’s an music vid?
 And you gotta love the fans!! They went crazy! After the bus left I heard some say, “Tara, sakay tayo ng taxi at sundan natin! *runs* (Let’s ride a cab and follow them!).”

I’m still mastering the art of keeping the photo size small but the quality the same. I don’t even… gackk.

Pardon the spazzing and all, that’s all! :)
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You’re My Pet New official poster

Words on the poster:
You’re my Pet – Something you want more than a lover

Credit: Sukbar
Shared by: Aphrael77, xxinz

\o/ YAY! ♥

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Pretty Miori~! ^3^

In this photo: Ikemen desu ne  Takimoto Miori  Miori  so damn cute ; w ;    
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Have you ever felt like you had succeeded since your debut?Sunggyu: ❝ Never. ❞

❝ Before we go (to Japan), I really want to get 1st place on a music program. ❞ - Sunggyu

We finally made it today Sunggyu. ❤





Have you ever felt like you had succeeded since your debut?
❝ Never.

❝ Before we go (to Japan), I really want to get 1st place on a music program.  - Sunggyu

We finally made it today Sunggyu. ❤



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“You’re My Pet”

Jang Keun Suk is seen in Seoul, at the bottom of a flight of stairs of a certain villa. His curly hair is damp and he seems to have been in the rain as he pokes his head out of a cardboard box. Why is Jang Keun Suk, a popular singer in Japan, in such a pose? He is filming for the TV series “You’re My Pet,” which is a story about romance between In Ho, who is a cute actor for musical and Eun Ee, who is an older woman. It was made from the manga series by Yayoi Ogawa.

Kim Ha Neul, a competent actress who acted in “My Tutor Friend” (2003) and “7 Grade Civil Servant” (2009) is filming with Jang Keun Suk at present. Their director Kim Byun Gun has the name for being an assistant producer for “One Day” (1999) and “Boss” (2005).

The scene was this: Eun Ee is on her way back home from work late at night and when she sees In Ho “thrown away” in a box in front of her house, she decides to keep him as her pet. What kind of relationship would they develop? Eventually, romance blossoms between them, as strange as it is. If you want to follow their story, remember that it is released on November!

-      How do you feel about acting in Japan as a popular singer?

I’m surprised but happy. However, my main career is actor. My Japanese fans were curious about “You’re My Pet” as well. I’m happy to be able to show them about Korea and my acts.

-      It’s an unusual relationship that you develop with Eun Ee who is older than you.

Yes. In Ho is like a puppy which tries all kinds of things in order to earn its owner’s love and affection. (Laughs) Ha Neul and I are acting for romantic comedy. We aren’t forcing comedy into it, but it comes naturally.

-      The character In Ho is an expert dancer. Do you have any difficulty in filming some of the dancing scenes?

I am currently practicing a lot. In Ho is an expert dancer but he dreams of acting in a musical. He has bright, easy-going personality, too. I think he and I have many things in common so it is easy for me to act him.

-      Since the story is all about love and romance, aren’t there need to shed your clothing sometimes?

Yes, of course. Ha Neul were trilled during the filming of the scene where the owner (Eun Ee) gives her pet (In Ho) a shower. There is a bed scene, too.

Source: MovieWeek from Daum


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Jang Geun-seok and Kim Haneul wrap You’re My Pet


You’re My Pet, the Korean movie remake of the popular Japanese manga and drama, has finally wrapped, successfully ending a production period that has seen its share of setbacks.


Ang tagal nomon~! I’m super excited in this movie! ♥

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T: “Regarding kis-my-ft, from now on-“

F: “ft?”

T: “2, 2.”

N: “Tama!”


LOL CUTE~! :))

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^______________________^ ♥

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Nyahahaha lagot~!

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Harry Potter Super Junior Version

Credit as tagged


Nyahaha! LIKE! ♥

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